Who We Are

The mission of Friends of Flathorn-Gegoka Trails is to maintain, protect, and promote the Flathorn-Gegoka Trails for year-round silent sports for the enjoyment of the beautiful boreal forest by all.

Located in the boreal forest near Isabella, Minnesota, we are committed to preserving FFGT’s backcountry, wilderness experience for cross country skiing, bicycling, hiking, birding, star-gazing, or just reveling in the beauty of the forest. We welcome outdoor enthusiasts to nearly 20 miles of groomed trails that wind through old growth stands of pine, fir, aspen, and birch; cross tamarack bogs; and skirt wilderness lakes and streams.

Formed in 2021, the FFGT organization is managed and supported by a group of hard-working and nature-loving volunteers who appreciate this unique and beautiful area and are dedicated to silent sports. We welcome new members! Join us by clicking here.

We are thankful to the following organizations who have partnered with FFGT, donating their time or financial support:

· Minnesota Cross-country Ski Trails Grants-in-Aid Program

· U.S. Forest Service – Superior National Forest

· Lake County

· MN DNR Two Harbors Area Parks and Trails

· Superior National Forest Lake Homes Association

We are pleased to announce that "Friends of Flathorn Gegoka Trails" has received nonprofit status as a 501(c)(3) organization. You can view the letter here. FFGT is a State of Minnesota non-profit 317A. You can donate to FFGT by using our Donate page.